Plasma Generators

Quality Plasma Generator ready to provide reliable RF output and accurate control to meet your process requirements.

Power options range between 50 Watts and 80,000 Watts (80kW)

Frequency options include 380kHZ, 2MHz, 13.56Mhz, 27.12Mhz and 40.68Mhz.

Packages include:

  • RF Generator
  • Matching Network (Choice of Manual or Auto)
  • Matching Network Controller (If required)
  • Water Cooling System (If required)
  • Signal Generator (If required)
plasma generators

Plasma Diagnostics

Plasma diagnostics are a pool of methods, instruments, and experimental techniques used to measure properties of a plasma, such as plasma components. The main objective of the plasma diagnostics is to deduce information about the state  of  the plasma  from  practical  observations  of  physical  processes  and  their  effects.

Accurate  and  reliable  measurements of the plasma  condition  in the various  plasma experiments are an  important  objective for making  a  significant  progress  in  the  field. Since the plasma behavior  is dependent  on  the  condition  in  which  it  is  produced, so it demands knowledge of many  plasma  quantities  for  its  description  as  well  as  for its comparison  with  relevant  theory.

Plasma Diagnostics

Test and Measuring Instruments

We are the biggest test and measuring instrument supplier in India.Our product family of Test and Measuring Instruments include Digital Oscilloscopes, RF Spectrum Analyzers, Digital Multimeters, Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators, Digital Programmable Power Supplies, HPLC and UV-Vis Spectrophotometers, which help the engineers, researchers,educators to address their measurement challenges in confidence with affordability than even before.

We offer the latest equipments from world class manufacturers, with excellent after-sales service and support.We provide one stop solutions for Testing & Measuring, Calibration, EMI/EMC, Process Control , RF & Microwave, High Voltage Testing.

test and measurement


Plasma Vacuum Solutions is an innovative company that supply technology leading high voltage amplifiers for company research and development departments, research institutes and universities worldwide. These amplifiers are used in precision engineering, electronics, physics, optics, chemistry, (aero-)space engineering and metrology and control.

We provide high voltage amplifiers with the best specifications possible, at a reasonable price. On the other hand both the highest speed and the lowest noise high voltage amplifiers in the industry are supplied by Plasma Vacuum Solutions.